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What Does It Mean For a Product To Be Recalled?

Toyota is recalling 2.3 million of their vehicles due to a faulty gas pedal. If you have been in an accident that you suspect was caused by a vehicle defect, contact the lawyers at The Neese Law Firm for a free consultation.

Mobile car wash wastes no water

A new car wash is billing itself as "zero waste" in both time and water.

list of exhibitions

Free Apparel Industries News, a forward thinking website, has been established with an idea to provide a knowledge platform for the advancement of the apparel and textile trade.


Sewing is an operation that requires professional training to acquire skills.

Key Questions to Ask Your Chicago Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to prepare a list of questions for your initial consultation with an Chicago car accident attorney to ensure that you hire a qualified attorney and are compensated for your losses.

Tips For Renovating Homes – Renovate and Rejuvenate Your Living Space

When your Building or Restoring project begins you can meet our Contruction Company Project Managers, contractors, builders for custom home remodeling,roofing at New Jersey, Bergen County & Northern New Jersey.

Social Media Strategies for Facebook

You need the right tools to make it easy for readers to pass along your content through their own social networks. Use the following Drupal tools to help make your content ‘viral’ and build your brand community.

Technology PR: Drupal Tools for Going Viral With Your Content

You need the right tools to make it easy for readers to pass along your content through their own social networks. Use the following Drupal tools to help make your content ‘viral’ and build your brand community.

High Tech PR: Five Steps for Leading Your Company’s Social Media Charge

Do you need to start social media initiatives for your business? Here are five steps you can take to start a social media presence for you and your company.

High Tech Public Relations Firm Plugs Into Mobile Communications

With the wireless industry booming over the past decade, wireless companies need a firm like MediaFirst to grab press attention before their competition does.

Web 2.0 Technology Public Relations Will ‘Wow’ Your Audience

Evangelize your products and services, open new markets, and formulate value propositions with an effective technology public relations campaign that will ‘wow’ your audience.

Foursquare vs. Gowalla - The SXSW Battle For Geolocation-Based Subscribers

Geo-location-based networks are an emerging social media that builds and expands your brand to influential audiences. If your company is searching for innovative ways to leverage social media.

How Bankruptcy Can Save You From Foreclosure

The housing bubble that burst in 2008 has yet to recover, continuing to shackle millions of Americans.

Is There Life After Bankruptcy?

There is life after bankruptcy. Here are two tips to get started on the right foot.

How To Protect College Funds In Bankruptcy

Debts can erase any savings you have made for a child’s college education, however you can protect these funds in a couple of easy steps and filing for bankruptcy.

Is It Possible To Own a Home After Bankruptcy?

It is possible to own a home after filing for bankruptcy. Here is a guide.

How To Protect Your Investments In Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be difficult, but it has many advantages, particularly for individuals who have investment income in a 401K or IRA.

Bankruptcy Exemptions What Is Eligible?

Before filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is crucial to understand what property you own is exempt.

Debt Relief: What Are the Alternatives to Bankruptcy?

Debt consolidation, credit counseling, debt settlement, and bankruptcy are a few of the solutions people turn to in order to get their debt under control.

Protect Your Vehicle From The Repo Man With Bankruptcy

Collection companies won’t tell you your rights when you fall behind on your car payment.

Five Steps To Help Avoid Bankruptcy

Here are five tips to help you manage your debt and avoid bankruptcy. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy in California.

What Are Five Benefits of Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is not a decision to take lightly but Borowitz and Clark can help people save their homes, their cars and wipe out their debts.

Bankruptcy Property Exemptions

Once a bankruptcy case is completed, a debtor will still need basic possessions and assets to move their life forward.

Does My Chapter 13 Payment Change With My Income?

If your income changes while you are on a Chapter 13 plan, you have the option of lowering the payment.

Bankruptcy for Small Businesses

Filing for bankruptcy as a small business owner can have it’s advantages, but it can also be complicated.

What Happens If I Don’t Make My Chapter 13 Payment?

If you're filing for bankruptcy in Los Angeles, California and have decided that you no longer want to make payments on your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you do have several options.