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                Real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument

                Roche is a research-oriented health company founded in 1896 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. After more than 100 years of history, Roche has more than 65,000 employees in more than 150 countries around the world. Roche's two core businesses: medicines and diagnostics provide innovative products and services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human health, thereby improving human health and quality of life.

                As a partner of Roche Life Science Research in China for many years, Beijing Zhongyuan will continue to work with Roche to provide better services to Chinese customers in terms of scientific instruments and reagents.


                1、Roche LightCycler480ⅡReal-time PCR

                • Heating method: silver semiconductor temperature control module

                • High precision: easy to distinguish 1.5 times concentration difference, confidence ≥ 99.8%

                • High sensitivity: detectable single copy gene

                • Wide range of kinetics: 1-1010 copies of DNA can be detected simultaneously

                • High repeatability: high repeatability CV <0.15%

                • High speed: 40 PCR cycles in 40 minutes (384-well plate)

                • Temperature uniformity: ±0.1°C No edge effect

                • Leading technology: Therma-BaseTM thermal cycle technology (patent number US Patent No. 5161609), silver thermal cycle module with good thermal conductivity and advanced optical detection system completely eliminate edge effects and maintain stable and high quality test results. No need to use internal dyes such as ROX in the whole process, which saves costs.


                The core advantages of the LightCycler 480II thermal cycle module

                • Made of silver material with excellent thermal conductivity

                • Inter-hole uniformity up to ±0.1°C

                • Fast, high accuracy temperature regulation

                • 40 cycles <40 minutes (384-well plate)


                Cross-sectional view of the LightCycler 480II thermal cycle module. Therma-BaseTM is a cavity with an inner wall covered with a wicked capillary structure to effectively increase the contact surface area. Through a series of real-time condensation and evaporation effects, heat is efficiently transferred to achieve excellent temperature uniformity across the board.

                Temperature uniformity of LightCycler 480II at 50 ° C: A is the LightCycler 480 II system; B is another real-time PCR system. A labeled oligonucleotide having a highly reproducible Tm value was used as a test substance for temperature uniformity on a multiwell plate. The expected Tm value of the oligonucleotide is 0, and the difference between the actual measured Tm value and the expected Tm value in all 384 wells is plotted. The data shows that the LightCycler 480II thermal cycle module has a high degree of pore-to-temperature uniformity, compared with The temperature difference between the holes of the ordinary thermal cycle module is large.


                LightCycler480II outstanding optical system

                Wide-spectrum, high-intensity white solid-state light source, excitation light intensity has many advantages such as energy saving, high efficiency, long life, no maintenance, no pollution, vibration resistance, damage, instant start and fast response.

                The LightCycler 480II system is fully compatible with common fluorescent dyes by any combination of excitation and emission wavelengths and can be used in all current real-time PCR experiments.

                Cross-sectional view of the LightCycler 480II detection unit. Using a well-designed pentagonal prism optics, the ingenious combination of optics and focal length ensures uniformity of signal excitation and data collection, eliminating edge effects.


                2、Roche LightCycler96Real-time PCR

                • Sample heating rate: 4.4 °C/s

                • Sample cooling rate: 2. 2°C/s

                • Support gradient function: 37-98 ° C

                • Temperature accuracy: ±0.2 °C

                • Temperature uniformity between holes: ±0.2°C

                • Melting temperature uniformity (Tm): ± 0.2 ° C, STD < 0.1 ° C

                • Amplification rate: 35 cycles of reaction, 96-well detection ≤ 40 minutes

                • Sample size: 96-well plate or eight-tube

                • Reaction system: 10-50μl


                New light source and light path design

                • High-intensity white solid-state excitation source

                ——High light intensity, high sensitivity and long life, up to 10,000 hours

                • 2x96 equidistant glass fiber

                ——All samples are detected at the same time, the fluorescence signal is not attenuated, and the detection speed is faster.

                ——Full fixed optical path design, no moving optical parts, no need to correct

                —— Eliminate optical path error without passive fluorescent dye compensation


                Unique temperature control design

                • Silver Material System Module

                ——Excellent thermal conductivity, uniformity between holes up to ±0.2°C,

                ——Temperature regulation is fast and accurate, 35 cycles <40 minutes (96-well plate)

                —— Prevent optical interference caused by condensate

                • Temperature gradient spanning 20 ° C

                ——Optimize experimental conditions


                Zhongyuan Biological is the general agent of Northern Region authorized by Roche

                If you have any questions, please call the toll-free service:


                If you have any comments or suggestions on our services, please send them to the following email address:


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